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Beautiful sun shiny day at sea

Today we had a beautiful sun shiny day at sea. Activities on board ranged from wine tasting seminars to enrichment series lectures such as “Working at MGM during the Golden Ages.” We opted to take the day to relax in the Spa’s Relaxation Room which is at the front of the ship with the best views in my opinion on the ship. We cozied up in the cushy chairs and read some books that we never make time to read otherwise.

After enjoying our books, we opted to have a light lunch anticipating the evening’s first formal night’s dinner. Tonight’s dinner in Blu was very filling. We started with the macadamia nut crusted sea scallop appetizer followed by crab bisque soup and then I got the lump crab mushroom risotto with asparagus and my mom got herb crusted rack of lamb with fingerling potatoes and beans. All was served nice and hot which is one of the reasons I prefer the smaller Blu venue. I like my food very hot which is hard to do in the larger dining rooms. For dessert I had the Crispy Tulip with citrus cream and fruit and my mom had the Apple Tart with vanilla bean ice cream.

After dinner we made our way to the main show lounge where we were greeted with a choice of champagne or wine to toast the Captain. Usually the officers are lined up there to greet you and shake hands. They were there but they were just talking to each other and ignoring the guests walking in. I can understand if they want to get away from all the hand shaking but they should be greeting and saying hello to the guests walking in. Since day one I have not been impressed at all with the Captain. He definitely needs to work on his people skills. After taking our seats, the Cruise Director, Nick Weir, introduced Captain Nicholas Pagonis and the rest of the officers on board before giving a toast. It was Nick’s birthday so it was followed by a surprise song of Happy Birthday and cake. This was the first time the captain had a smile on his face. The evening’s show was all about rock and roll from the 80’s combined with a Cirque du Soleil type of story with acrobats, dance, singing and aerial artistry. Since that was the music of my prime, I loved it but since the majority of passengers on a transatlantic sailing are my mother’s age, I could tell they didn’t care for the music but did enjoy the talent. So that ended another great day. Tomorrow we arrive in Malaga for our trip to Alhambra.

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